XState Auctioneers are an innovative Auctioneering Company with our head office situated in Durban, South Africa. Xstate Auctioneers conducts auctions throughout South Africa in all segments of the market.

We offer a complete and professional Auctioneering service, XState Auctioneers have a complete asset disposal management system, which ensures all assets are correctly accounted for, and the best value is achieved for all items at all times.

Xstate Auctioneers offer the following services:

  • Site inspection of assets and consultation regarding sale/auction methods.
  • Removal of assets from designated locations and delivery to our showrooms.
  • Consignment of assets including asset numbers and serial numbers for accurate asset reconciliation.
  • XState Auctioneers trained staff are equipped to identify and market a wide variety of assets.
  • XState Auctioneers hold several auctions every week ensuring that each asset is assigned the correct outlet and marketed for maximum return.
  • XState Auctioneers marketing and knowledge of assets allows us to target the correct market for each asset.
  • XState Auctioneers are able to handle any quantity of surplus assets, end of lease or other equipment that you or your company may wish to dispose of.
  • XState Auctioneers have immediate and strong markets available for the remarketing and selling of your assets.
  • XState Auctioneers have a large and flexible full time staff base from which to draw upon, our staff are trained in all areas of the Auction field and are regularly updating their skills.
  • XState Auctioneers Showrooms are conveniently located at 7 Stanhope Place, Briardene Durban North in Durban. XState Auctioneers are dedicated to providing a professional and quality service.