XState Auctioneers are an innovative Auctioneering firm based in Durban, South Africa, However we conduct auctions throughout South Africa in all categories.

We offer a complete and professional Auctioneering service, XState Auctioneers have a complete asset disposal management system, which ensures the assets are correctly accounted for, and the best value is achieved for all items.

Services for asset management we offer:

  • Site inspection of the assets and consultation on sale methods.
  • Removal of assets from designated locations and delivery to our showrooms.
  • Consignment of the assets including asset numbers and serial numbers for accurate asset reconciliation.
  • XState Auctioneers trained staff are capable of identification and marketing a wide variety of assets.
  • XState Auctioneers hold several auctions every week ensuring that each asset is assigned the correct outlet and marketed for maximum return.
  • XState Auctioneers marketing and knowledge of assets allows us to target the correct market for each asset.
  • XState Auctioneers are able to handle any quantity of surplus assets, end of lease or other equipment that your company may wish to dispose of.
  • XState Auctioneers have immediate and strong markets available for the remarketing of your assets.
  • XState Auctioneers have a large and flexible full time staff base from which to draw upon, our staff are trained in all areas of the Auction field and are regularly updating their skills.
  • XState Auctioneers Showrooms are conveniently located at 7 Stanhope Place, Briardene.

XState Auctioneers Sales and Auctions are dedicated to providing a professional and quality service.