Welcome to XState Auctioneers – The fastest route to direct sales.

Commercial – Residential and Industrial Properties – Vehicles – Furniture – Jewellery – Yellow Metals – Electronics – Antiques – Paintings – Collectables :- Big or Small we sell them all!

Over 380 Auctions in more than 20 locations across South Africa, Xstate Auctioneers is revolutionising the industry and has the potential to manage your asset disposal process.

We are proud to say we have in-house auctioneers, Estate Agents, Conveyancers, Appraisers as well as managerial staff that have been for evaluation and project management courses ensuring that we are in a position to advise and guarantee our clients against misleading information , conducting ourselves with honesty and transparency in our transactions ensuring that every auction is a success.

XState Auctioneers has extensive experience handling on and off-site auctions. Our dedicated team will setup the auction floor from layout to documentation and with out in-house IT department, We will ensure that we are in a position to successfully auction goods at any location you provide. We run independently with out own resources including electricity.

All your goods will be secured as be in on or off-site, There is always 24 Hour security.

We have always marketing our auctions extensively using all mediums including digital and always have a high turnout. The reason for this is XState Auctioneers unique methodology of attracting the right buyers for the right assets.